DeathbyRomy shares fantastically unnerving music video for new single”Lovesick”

DeathbyRomy – photo by Juliet Wolf

Los Angeles artist DeathbyRomy is back with a new single in “Lovesick,” which also comes with an exceptionally twisted music video along with it. Calling it an “anthem for the cripplingly shy, hopeless romantics” the song is anything but timid. Between its thunderous sonics and mind-melting mix of gritty rock-pop, “Lovesick” is a reminder of how exhilarating Romy Flores’ dark infatuations can be when filtered through her DeathbyRomy project. With nods to both Bjork and Jack White, the new song also tracks DeathbyRomy’s enigmatic electronica.


While the music video for “Lovesick” reveals itself to be an unnerving visual companion to her shock and awe soundscapes. Starring DeathbyRomy as a bandaged wrapped woman who spends her time peering at the outside world from her plain to the point of spooky room. Add in some religious iconography, scrawlings on the white walls, and glitchy production and you have the makings of a found-footage horror film.

But the fantastically scary video lends itself to the song’s theme of obsession and delusion that bursts from “Lovesick.” It’s the kind of love devoted to someone you’ve never met in real life and the illusions we create when we fall for them — not with a person but the image of them we’ve created for ourselves. “I’m in love with a thought it’s true,” Romy sings from behind her covered face, later appearing consumed by a video recording of her intended love.


“Lovesick was partially inspired by ‘I miss you’ by Bjork, but it’s really about the idea of writing a love song about someone you haven’t met yet,” Romy said of the single. “A song about being in love with the idea of love. My vocal performance was inspired by Jack White and some of the melodies were very much influenced by 2000’s R&B melodies.”

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