N8NOFACE has released a new music video for his song “Doesn’t Count Here” from his album Homicide, he will also be performing at The Hollywood Palladium on Oct. 29 with Cypress Hill. If you’ve yet to be fully introduced to the fiercely genre-hopping ragers of the Los Angeles-based artist — buckle up — he doesn’t make music for the faint of heart. On “Doesn’t Count Here” he is at his most deliriously catchy, delivering a giddily driven and bass-rumbling as he dully laments a world on fire. But the music video directed by Abraham Rasmussen dutifully cranks the anxiety effused in the song to unbearable levels.

The first half of the music video for “Doesn’t Count Here” sees N8NOFACE agitated and alone in his home caught up in the furor of watching the evening news and its reports on the rampant fires. But as he continues to watch the images sends his mind into a turbulent and violently scared frenzy. “The worlds on fire and we play in flames,” he drones on over the frenetic electronic melody. After frantically searching his home for a gun and ski-mask heheads outside, cruising to a liquor store he attempts to rob but bungles, and instead just settles for a bunch of chips.

The music video gets at the heart of N8NOFACE and his cathartic rants, which he often communicates through inflamed blends of punk and hip-hop that he then cranks through equally hyperactive and entrancing darkwave synthetics. “Doesn’t Count Here” stares in the face of apathy and fear — the ways it can drive us to cause the very thing we are scared of happening. The video seems to emphatically remind us that in trying to run away from a world on fire it’s dangerously easy to spark some flames yourself.

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N8NOFACE’s latest album Homicide is out now. It’s a 17-track collection of the artist’s hardest-hitting tracks that detail his rise and life in the aftermath of sobriety. Do yourself a favor and bump it at max volume — it’s a killer album cover to cover.

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10/20 Los Angeles, CA – Permanent Records Roadhouse
10/29 Los Angeles, CA – The Hollywood Palladium (w/ Cypress Hill)
11/19 Oakland, CA – Eli’s Mile High Club

Words by Steven Ward

Watch the music video for “Doesn’t Count Here” from N8NOFACE below!