Baby Queen opened for Conan Gray on her second night at the Greek Theater as direct tour support for Gray. Born Arabella Latham in Durban, South Africa — the London native and newly debuted Island records songstress seized the audience’s attention with her single “Nobody Really Cares.” With her pink guitar in tow, and laid back pop punk style — Baby Queen shined without the extras, but the stage needed more. 

Balloon’s, confetti, party poppers, swimming pool floats … something. 

Baby Queen has some great tracks under her wing. “Narcissist,” “Colors of You,” and “Wannabe” are all favorites of mine that speak to the angst of todays internet kid. Knowing her demographic and seeing her fans in-person showed me that this wasn’t the best venue to showcase her appeal. 

Baby Queen’s fans were spread out amongst the venue, swallowed up by the headliner’s fans, and this made the energy of her show quite low. That was my only gripe. I wish I could have been able to see Baby Queen at an intimate venue like the Roxy or the Echo where the quarters are tighter and crowd participation is abundant. This is no fault of Baby Queen’s, but rather just how it goes when you’re tour support at large venues.

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The Greek theater is beautiful with lovely acoustics, but unless you’re an artist with full band and stage flair / visuals, it can make the experience lackluster, especially as the opening act.

Despite a wonderful opportunity to tour with Conan Gray, Baby Queen needs a small venue headline tour stat. Her talent and energy deserves to be center stage as the main event.

Photos & Words by Asha Moné