Luna Luna
Photo by Ash Rosas

Luna Luna is back with another absurdly delectable bop with the release of “Talk Too Much,” their newest single which is also accompanied by a lyric video visualizer. Wielding their penchant for disco-inspired melodies, the track is filled with all the blissful tones and textures that have come to define the band’s glitter-pop and soulful sound. It’s also the first bit of new music to come since the release of their radiant third album Flower Moon.

With its gleaming retro sheen, “Talk Too Much” is the kind of lush kinetic track that Luna Luna thrives on. Amidst glowing synths, the snap of invigorating percussion, and furious energy, the song is all about the silent language of a night out dancing. Over gilded riffs, Luna Luna trades their bilingual vocals, while also highlighting how much the band is indebted to the different Latine music they grew up with.

“We’re from 3 different Latin American countries: Colombia, Mexico, and El Salvador — but the Latin music we grew up with is very similar,” singer Kaavi said. “Over the past year we’ve all been listening to a lot more Spanish music together and reconnecting with our roots so it feels good to be putting out music in both English and Spanish.”

Couple that with the song’s accompanying visualizer, created by Ash Rosas, which takes the retro feel up a notch with its neon aesthetic. Shot in front of a revolving washer cycle inside a laundromat, the video throws in some mind-melting melting fonts for the lyrics. Which gives the whole song a sort of psychedelic bent as well. As the song pulsates with its undeniably groovy sonics, it’s hard not to even see the gyrating machine being filmed as in-sync with the song’s delirious dance sentiments.

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Words by Steven Ward

Watch the music video for “Talk Too Much” the new single from Luna Luna below!