Electric Fields

The Walt Disney Concert Hall will play host to a stunning and illuminating night of music when Electric Fields begins on Tuesday, Nov. 15. Promising to be sensory immersive and multimedia concert experience, the event will seek to bridge the centuries long gap between the medieval compositions of Hildegard von Bingen with that of baroque and modern reimaginings. The show starts at 8 PM (PST) with tickets ranging from $20-$125.

As a composer, mystic, philosopher, and poet, the mind of Hildegard von Bingen is an ecstatic setting from which to draw inspiration. Her visions often brought her impressions of a celestial world, but her writings of them continue to echo in both modern explorations of mathematics/physics and the perpetual struggle against human suffering. But Electric Fields only uses Hildegard as a starting point, funneling her etherealness through time to connect with compositions from other periods.

As director Netia Jones puts it, the show was built around this idea of “eternal recurrence.” In looking back at Hildegard and the many other artists involved in creating and recreating compositions for Electric Fields, there’s a goal of finding some anchoring gestalt amongst us as people, regardless of our far flung separations in time and space.

Like that of Renaissance composers Barbara Strozzi and Francesca Caccini, all the way to modern times. On this end of history, musicians Bryce Dessner and David Chalmin, seek to continue that connection with no less visionary exploration via live electronics. Round out the group with soprano Barbara Hannigan and pianists Katia and Marielle Labèque and you’ve got a recipe for a night of music with immense artistic and historical weight behind it.

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Don’t miss out on what’s no doubt going to be an enchanting night of otherworldly music at Electric Fields. Tickets are on sale now from $20-$125. And be sure to check out the other amazing shows coming up at the Walt Disney Concert Hall, including Rock My Soul, Symphonies for Youth: Rock My Soul, Home Alone in Concert, New Year’s Eve with The Roots, and Kodo.