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New York City artist Stella Rose has unveiled her debut single with the release of “Muddled Man,” a frenetic rock track that serves as her fiery introduction. Backed by her band the Dead Language, she’s been stirring up quite the tumult throughout her home state. And of course, she’s a piece of rock royalty given the fact that her father is Dave Gahan of Depeche Mode — but one listen to “Muddled Man” makes it clear Rose is a force unto all her own.


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Amidst pounding drums and shrieking guitars, “Muddled Man” unfolds frantically and with no restraint. Tossing out comparisons to horror flicks like “Videodrome,” Rose sees both the song and video as a kind of murdering of your most prized possession. As a result, every piece of the song is virulent expulsion of emotion, from its raucous melody to Rose’s off-kilter cries.

Brashly kinetic in the most deliriously exciting ways “Muddled Man” crescendoes raptly until dropping off into this quietly lilting denouement. With twinkling instrumentals waver in the afterglow as Rose murmurs direly into the fading tones. If there’s a comparison in spirit being made Rose channels the kind of rowdy switch-ups of rockers the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and especially Karen O.

The music video for “Muddled Man,” directed by Primordialfreaks, is itself a fever dream of eerie proportions. Screaming a sort of “Eyes Wide Shut” feel with its illustrious but creepy costume party vibe, the video is a strobe-filled edger towards an ever-growing anxiety. One that rides a delicately balanced line between enthralling elegance and equally fixating horror (especially that shot of a man being dragged into the dark). Just like her music the video is an exhilerating and breathless rush.

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Words by Steven Ward

Watch the music video for “Muddled Man” the new single from Stella Rose below!

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