Stream Lauren Ruth Ward’s New Single “Mindseye,” the Title Track Off Her Latest EP

Lauren Ruth Ward

Lauren Ruth Ward has shared the final single from her new EP with the release of its title track and piercing rock anthem “Mindseye.” It’s been two years since she released her third album Vol. II but the Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter has been anything but stagnant, releasing a cover of Elliott Smith’s “Twilight,” as well as the EP’s two previous singles “Suburban Ego” and “Messiah.” With her latest single building on the sonic expansions that she’s begun to inject more and more into her engrossing rock sound.


On “Mindseye,” the raspy-voiced crooner offers a riff-blistering introspection into a relationship that’s not without a fair amount of delusion. At its core, the song is about uncovering the ways in which two people try to figure out where their perceptions about each other end and reality begins. Against a buoyant bass line, the shriek of guitars, and Ward’s own ecstatic vocals, “Mindseye” is a rapturous attempt to peel back what’s illusory in the hopes of finding something closer to the truth.


Like previous singles from the EP, which mixed in everything from her love of bluesy-rock to slow-burning atmospheric ballads, “Mindseye” toys with Ward’s sound in invigorating ways. Whether it’s the way her vocals cut through the track’s energizing melodics or the drop-off that occurs near the end before crescendoing into its soul-stirring finale.

“‘Mindseye’ is about being in a relationship and trying to figure out what parts are real and what parts are disillusionment for you and for the other person,” Ward said of the single. “It’s a question that is always there, especially since we’re always changing. It can be hard to be honest with yourself and with a person you love because you don’t always know if you’re crazy or sane. It’s the paranoid part of being in love.”

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Words by Steven Ward

Listen to “Mindseye” the new single from Lauren Ruth Ward below!

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