Lyrics Born Returns With a Bang on New Album “Vision Board”

Lyrics Born
Photo by Mark Chua

Indie hip-hop phenomenon Lyrics Born has released his fourteenth studio album with the arrival of Vision Board, a kaleidoscopically cosmic ride through the Bay area-based artist’s riveting mind. Coming off the release of his Mobile Homies Season 1 release which dropped earlier this year, the former Solesides/Quannum crew member continues his prolific spirit of collaboration on his latest release as well. If you’ve yet to jump on the Lyrics Born train this is the album to get hooked with.


From the off-kilter jam, “I’m the Best Rapper in the World,” a strutting and impossibly catchy hype track, to his wisdom-filled letter to his younger self on “Who’s The Best? (Dear Young LB)” — Lyrics Born only ever seems to have two rules when making music. The first is to create something that speaks some kind of truth, either to yourself or the world around you (“Baby these ain’t just songs / These are dreams that we live in”).

And the second is to have as much damn fun as possible doing it. And nothing comes quite so close to off the rails as “Go Ape Shit” (feat. L-Deez and Cut Chemist), a rapid-fire sprinter of a track that’s powered solely by its jittery beats and Lyrics Born’s deadpan, quick-as-a-viper bars. Or the simmering funk piece “Bang Bang Bang,” with its brassy horns and jumpy percussion.


But the album also hones in on the self-care that Lyrics Born finds inseparable from his music and newfound outlook on life. On “Choosy Choosy” (feat. Yunoka Berry), he minces no words over the track’s shimmering elastic beats as he spits advice on the importance of knowing your worth and keeping toxic people at a distance — for both your sake and that of those around you. While the illustriously soulful “Diamond Door” (feat. Princess Shaw) shines a sensual light on Lyrics Born’s impeccably imaginative lyricism as he raps circles around the pleasure of pleasing one’s lover.

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Lyrics Born’s new album Vision Board is out now via Mobile Home Recording.

Visit Lyrics Born on their website, Twitter, and Instagram to stay updated on new releases and tour announcements.

Lyrics Born tour

Nov 17 – The Independent SF @ San Francisco, CA
Nov 18 – Crazy Horse @ Nevada City, CA
Nov 19 – Liberty @ Mammoth Lakes, CA
Dec 01 – Billy Bobs @ Fort Worth, TX
Dec 02 – Parish @ Austin, TX
Dec 15 – Music Box @ San Diego, CA
Dec 16 – Transplants Brewing Company @ Palmdale, CA
Dec 17 – The Venice West @ Venice, CA

Words by Steven Ward

Listen to Vision Board the new album from Lyrics Born below!

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