Listen to PinkPantheress’ Latest Insatiable Dance Track “Boy’s a liar”

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PinkPantheress has shared another new single to end the year with the release of instant jam “Boy’s a liar,” catch her at any of her upcoming tour dates. Still riding the tidal waves of her debut album to hell with it and its dazzling array of remixed versions that followed not long after, she’s also managed to continue sharing new singles. Which have included collaborations with everyone from Shygirl to WILLOW.


Sitting at the intersection of lush disco and hypnotic house PinkPantheress has carved out a particular niche of emotive dance tracks. Her latest single “Boy’s a liar” is no different — one caught up in beaming melodies dripping with neo-soul and a buoyant kineticism. From the strident tones of piano keys that shudder in and out to the rapid blips of electronica that seem to edge the track faster and faster.


But it’s a testament to PinkPantheress that it’s not enough to just lose yourself within her decadent soundscapes. Right there alongside her lightning-quick melodies are her vibrant vocals illuminating the way. And on “Boy’s a liar” they tell a tale as unfortunately old as time itself: that of a boy too cowardly or too selfish (usually both) to make his true intentions or feelings known. “What’s the point of crying it was never even love / Did you ever want me was I ever good enough?” she questions in her lambent voice.

The new single also comes with a video visualizer, a vividly animated collection of artwork (created by @Aft3rsen) that mirrors the song’s fervent energy. Like a painting come to life thanks to the saving grace of PinkPantheress’ ardently oscillating and compelling dance tracks, the video is as visually mesmerizing as the song is aurally enthralling.

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Be sure to check out the other singles PinkPantheress has shared this year like the insatiably moving “Do you miss me?” and “Picture in my mind.” As well as her two collaborations on “Where you are” (feat. WILLOW) and “bbycakes” (feat. Shygirl).

Visit PinkPantheress on their website, Twitter, and Instagram to stay updated on new releases and tour announcements.

Words by Steven Ward

Listen to “Boy’s a liar” the new single from PinkPantheress below!

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