Tianna Esperanza Shares Ecstatic Anthem “Lone Child” feat. Valerie June — New Album “Terror” Out Feb. 17

Photo by Shervin Lainez

Tianna Esperanza has shared the latest single from their upcoming album with the release of “Lone Child,” as well as announcing the Feb. 17 release date for Terror and a string of tour dates. It’s the fifth song to be released from the album, following previous singles like “Three Straight Bitches From Hell” and “Princess Slit and the Raincoat Prince” which dropped last year. Esperanza will also be hosting an album release show at the Hotel Cafe in Los Angeles on Feb. 17.


For “Lone Child,” she joins forces with Valerie June to create an anthemic song that serves as an attempt to express this innate desire of “finding your tribe.” One that’s fueled by the powerful surge of voices that echo out of the song’s opening chant, not to mention the driving melody of acoustic strums and roiling percussion that sustains it throughout. Out of that thundering emerges both Esperanza’s and June’s soaring vocals, carrying with it the song’s earnest plea to seek out one’s origins for the sake of nurturing your identity.


As with many of the songs that will appear on Terror, the processing of trauma through fervently cathartic music is one of the goals of Esperanza’s music. Renavigating through the darkest moments of her own life has bestowed on her clarity and strength that’s self-evident in every single one that’s been unveiled. But Esperanza is nowhere as inspiring and colossal as when she’s pouring out all her energy into a revitalizing and celebratory song like “Lone Child.”

“I had been holding on to the chant (chorus) part for years before I brought it to Valerie June,” Esperanza said of the single. “I think she asked me what it meant, and I realized the song was special because it was not meant to understand but to feel. ‘Lone Child’ is an expression of my Black American soul, yearning to know my roots and belong. Together, Valerie and I added English verses that explore our feelings on sisterhood, loneliness, and finding your tribe.”

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And if you found “Lone Child” invigorating be sure to listen to the other singles Esperanza has shared from her upcoming album. From its harrowing title track “Terror,” which crisscrosses through the direst of moments in the artist’s life, to the woozy rhythms and lucid storytelling that permeates out of “Lewis.”

Terror the new album from Tianna Esperanza is out on February 17 via BMG, preorder it here.

Tianna Esperanza tour

Feb. 12: Vancouver (The Biltmore)
Feb. 14: Seattle (Ballard Homestead)
Feb. 15: Portland, Ore. (Revolution Hall)
Feb. 16: Mill Valley, Calif. (Sweetwater Music Hall)
Feb. 17: Los Angeles (Hotel Cafe)
Feb. 18: Boulder, Colo. (E-Town)
Feb. 19: Denver (Swallow Hill) 

* All Dates Supporting Mick Flannery

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Words by Steven Ward

Listen to the new single “Lone Child” from Tianna Esperanza below!

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