Payback is a “smoothie.” Best Served Cold on Deqn Sue’s New Single

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Alabama alt-pop artist Deqn Sue has shared a new single with the release of her volatile new track “smoothie.” which arrives as her first of 2023. After the release of her sophomore album Juggernaut in 2017 she’s continued to release singles that further her brash experimentalism and animated style. Blending elements of funk and R&B into her own intricate pop creations for songs like “Creep,” “Menace,” and “therapy.”

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In “smoothie.” she blends heady beats and her own idiosyncratic lyricism to create a propulsive anthem. With characteristic tongue-in-cheek humor and biting lyrical appetite, Deqn Sue pieces together a song about rejecting the chase of people not worth your time that’s centered around a much-desired green smoothie.

Revealing all the ways a smoothie run can become a cogent powerplay between once-possible lovers. Against the crisp clap of excited beats, Deqn Sue contorts her slyly dagger-sharp vocals into an emphatic championing of dealing out sobering rejection.


“You listen to me,” Deqn Sue asserts within the song’s buoyant spaciousness. “Make sure you understand that (you got me?) / This is temporary.” Making it clear she’s there for one thing and one thing only: to enjoy a smoothie.

By the end of the track, it’s clear that Deqn Sue is out for retribution against someone she was once sincerely interested in but who “fucked it up” via their own selfishness. So payback comes in the form of a smoothie order and harsh truths — revenge is a “green thick drink” best-served cold (and without ginger).

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Words: Steven Ward

Listen to “smoothie.” the new single from Deqn Sue below!

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