Mereba Joins on New Track “Water My Heart”

Mereba by Simone Thompson

Los Angeles artist Mereba has joined forces with Brooklyn-based for a soulful new track titled “Water My Heart.” After releasing her stunning debut album The Jungle Is the Only Way Out back in 2019 she followed it up with her AZEB EP, further establishing herself as a producer of melodically lush meditations. Which is perhaps why tapped the euphoniously voiced artist for his new song: a radiant soundscape of alluring warmth that centers on a dire need to be loved.


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Together, the tenderhearted vocals of Mereba and mingle delicately within the sweeping movements that overflow from “Water My Heart.” Their crystalline voices pulsate brightly as the twinkling glow of piano keys and swaying strings swell. “Tell me if it’s wrong and right / that my darkness found your light,” murmurs as the song begins in a somber flurry of violins. When Mereba offers her answer the melody takes an effervescent turn: “I wanna wrap you in my Lonely / All of your weight just put it on me,” she sings in answer. “Water my heart I feel it growing.”


At its core, the song is a verdant reminder that love must be tended to if it’s to grow and thrive. Throughout the track, they paint affecting scenes that drive home the poignancy of their words. “Covered in fear your skin is crawling,” the duo harmonizes. “Come over here my storm is calling.” Feverishly affectionate and awash in energizing vulnerability, “Water My Heart” is an invocation of the most necessary kind of love.

Mereba also teamed up with cktrl for a song that features sublime instrumentals. Titled “zero,” it is a moody ballad of scattered electronic tones blended gorgeously with lilting strings and saxophone flourishes.

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Words: Steven Ward

Listen to the new single “Water My Heart” (feat. Mereba) from below!

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