Amber Ryann Embraces Evil Counterpart on New Breakup Single “Alter Ego”

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Riding high after releasing her debut album, Even When It Falls Apart, this past fall, LA-based singer-songwriter and producer Amber Ryann is back with a new single, “Alter Ego.” Known for being involved in every aspect of her music, including merch design, directing visuals, and managing media flow, Ryann continues to push the boundaries of what an artist can do. Heavily inspired by 2000s emo and pop-punk, “Alter Ego” stays in line with prior releases and jumps out from the get-go, matching Ryann’s ambitions through an ambush of a single.


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In the song’s pre-chorus, Amber Ryann makes it abundantly clear where she’s coming from regarding the subject matter. While speaking to a former partner, she says, “Here’s to the girl you used to know / Turns out, she’s good at letting go,” embracing her newfound identity. Powerlines substitute the strings of her electric guitar, matching the electronic twinge on the production front for a barrage of self-assured confidence. Her voice rips and roars, unafraid and unrelenting against Ryann’s former self in an effort to bury a previous relationship. The effects on her voice also add to the electronic approach to the overall production, breaking out of the alt-rock box and breaking new ground for the multi-hyphenate.


Though Ryann got her start on YouTube covering songs from artists and bands she loved, the sense of individuality was there from the start. The only difference between then and now is that she’s creating her own music, releasing albums and singles which reflect the music she grew up on from her parents. “Alter Ego” is a touchstone for Ryann, indicating just how far she’s come and the energy she’s bringing in the future.

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Words: David Sosa

“Alter Ego” by Amber Ryann is on all streaming services. For news and other music from her, be sure to check out her Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

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