Savagery Serves Another Envigorating Synth-pop Wonderland On New Single “Void,” Debut EP “Come Alive” Out Now


We’ve had our eyes and ears on Savagery ever since they released their first single earlier this year — now they’re back with a new engrossing synth-pop track “Void” and debut EP Come Alive. As the vehicle of Thomas Savage, the project creates the kind of warmly enveloping electronica that both somehow manages to soothe as it does energize. And given the kind of music they themselves find inspiration and love for — from Jenny Hval to Porches — that comes as little surprise.


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What invariably latches onto you when dreamily drifting through a soundscape of Savagery’s creation are their beguiling vocals. In “Void” they carefully build a swell of sound out of what just begins as the grumble of a solitary riff. But then the beat kicks in — via the jittery push of its drums — and in comes Savage’s buttery vocals. Weaving their enigmatic and visually lush lyricism into the cooling fabric of the song’s melody.

“Look at us swimming in a pool of guilt and drool / Only when you slip in unnoticed, give me your hands,” Savage murmurs against the gloaming tones of electric guitars that strike in the background. “A temporary thrill in a vast fleeting void.” From its surreal lyrics and world-warping textures, “Void” is an all-consuming attempt to submerge oneself into a life dedicated to soaking up everything around you. It’s an apt analogy for Savagery’s music as a whole: “Thoroughly scintillating for the moment your eyes are lit.


“Void” also comes with an equally mind-bending visualizer and lyric video created by Elin Ghersinich. It sees a distorted version of Savage performing the song as a blurred reflection in a pool of water, adding a whole other layer of phantasmagoric wonder to the track.

And if you found yourself thoroughly scintillated and overjoyed at the music of Savagery then it’d be well worth your time to check out the rest of their Come Alive EP. From the cooling embrace but brisk melodics that resound from “Arrow” to the more heady electronics that shudder within “Visage,” it’s clear we’re witnessing the birth of a new radiant fixation amongst atmospherically inclined pop.

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Words: Steven Ward

Listen to “Void” the new single from Savagery below!

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