Say She She Conjure Up a Call to Action in Honor of Mother Earth in New Video For “Reeling”

Say She She photo by Kaelan Barowsky
Say She She – photo by Kaelan Barowsky

The all-girl discodelic soul ensemble, Say She She, based in Brooklyn, NYC, will enchant your ears with their peaceful harmonies, magnetic choruses, and energetic rhythms. Their sound is an appreciation of late 70’s girl groups, with the vocal prowesses of Nya Gazelle Brown, Sabrina Cunningham, and Piya Malik – whose voices join seamlessly to create a beautiful sonic landscape full of emotion, intensity, and power.


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Their latest single, “Reeling,” is a personal and influential message from nature, calling on our world to join the fight against capitalism and its devastating effects on our planet. The composition of the single Say She She combines love, pain, and a message of unity powerfully conveyed by blending their mesmerizing harmonies.

With the video directed by their friend Lisa Schiller, the trio bring the lyrics to life with strange scenes of animal skulls and “fish” — all the while Say She She dazzle in a conjuring-like movement, as though they were casting spells or summoning an entity.


The song is more than just a beautiful connection between Earth and humans; it is a call to action. The lyrics warn of the dangers of overconsumption and demand a response to Mother Nature’s call. The accompanying artwork, created by Alyssa Boni, serves to illustrate the connection between our actions and the environment, displaying sea animals and the double meaning of the word “reeling.”

The word “reeling” can be interpreted in two ways. Primarily, it refers to the increasingly volatile and unpredictable nature of the environment and weather as a result of humankind’s destruction of the planet. Secondly, it can be interpreted as a call to the human race to take action and commit to protecting and preserving the Earth’s resources. The dual meanings of “reeling” serve to emphasize the urgent need for change and the need for humans to ensure that their actions do not harm the planet.

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Say She She have created a powerful anthem with a message that resonates with all of us living in a world threatened by environmental destruction and a compelling reminder of the urgent need for change. With “Reeling,” they have ignited a fire in the hearts of their listeners and urged them to take a stand against capitalist destruction. It is a song that will remain with us long after the final note is sung.

“Reeling” will be on the A-side of Say She She’s upcoming 45. The group is headed on tour in Europe and the UK, but also has a Los Angeles date at Hollywood Bowl on August 6, 2023, for Forever Summer, presented by KCRWMusic.

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Words: Yuliana Olmedo

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