MILCK Shares Another Emotionally Grandiose Anthem With “Metamorphosis”

MILCK by Jen Rosenstein

Los Angeles singer/songwriter MILCK has shared an emotionally riveting new single with the release of “Metamorphosis.” Marking their first release of the year and following up the string of singles she released last year, including the stirring protest anthem “We Won’t Go Back” she made alongside BIIANCO, Autumn Rowe, and Ani DiFranco in response to the overturning of Roe v. Wade. Ever artist who intertwines their activism with their music, five years ago she similarly crafted her song “Quiet” as an anthem for survivors of sexual abuse. She even founded the Somebody’s Beloved Fund as a means to generate more tangible change via grassroots.


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What marks much of MILCK’s music is grandiose emotion: with her latest single “Metamorphosis” looking inward rather than outward at society. It’s a song that tracks a moment of change and transition, highlighting both the discomfort and fear such instances can bring while also pushing to perceive them differently. Instead of accentuating weakness, they can offer opportunities for strength through growth. Over the soft glow of resonant piano keys, MILCK sings in her dually dulcet and clarion vocals of fearlessly embracing such a phase of life.

“This song was born during a time of tremendous transformation in my personal and professional life,” MICLK shared. “I knew that there were old parts of me and my habits that I had to release in order to become weightless enough to ascend to the next chapter of life. I hope this song gives listeners hope and strength as they each navigate their own process of transformation.”


The music video for “Metamorphosis” sees MILCK in the studio recording the song at her piano and microphone. Providing a deeply intimate backdrop from which she belts out the song’s powerful affirmations. “All these changes feel like death,” she howls. “Yet my heart’s still pounding in my chest.” It’s clear that MILCK — who studied classical piano at a young age — needs little more than a lilting piano arrangement (composed by Dave Eggar) and swelling instrumentals to tap into this invigorating spirit that seems to burn at the center of all her songs.

There’s one moment in the music video that really captures that: just 12 seconds shy of the three-minute mark the audio cuts to the live version in the studio. It’s a moment that lends a particularly raw and vulnerable air to her words as she holds the final note of one of the song’s more hopeful lines.

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Words: Steven Ward

Watch the music video for “Metamorphosis” the new single from MILCK below!

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