Artists You Should Know: Jordan Oschman Enchants with Sheen Green Folk Sound on First Ever Single “Chameleon”

Jordan Oschman 2023 photo

With only one single to her name, folk singer-songwriter Jordan Oschman is gearing up for what could be assumed to be a promising career on her debut release, “Chameleon.” As the first single to her upcoming album, Duality of a Man, Oschman takes the folk formula that remains evergreen and approaches it through a different, more dreamy lens. Without any visuals accompanying the song, the instrumentation is all you’ll need to conjure images of afternoons spent on grass plains and spring-to-summer daydreams.


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Besides the soft guitar strumming reverberating through the track, the first aspect to strike gold is Oschman’s sleepy vocals, whose voice is far from hollow. In a blend between new and old singers such as Emmanuelle Proulx of Men I Trust and Hope Sandoval, she captures the melancholy daze those who came before brought to the indie table so beautifully. However, what separates her from them is how sheen and glossy the production is without stealing Oschman’s spotlight.


Outside of Oschman and the instrumental, the lyrics help to create vivid illustrations just as much. Co-written by fellow folk musician Sharaya Summers, the dreamlike logic of the songwriting gets stuck in your head as easily as the mellow melodies. On first listen, the immediate image beside a tiny chameleon crawling around was two people slow dancing in a garden. But considering there’s still an entire album on the horizon, Oschman is sure to sketch further lived-in imagery for future releases.

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Words: David Sosa

“Chameleon” by Jordan Oschman is on all streaming services. For more on her music and potential live shows, visit her Instagram.

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