Elohim Needs a Second to Catch Her “Breath” on New Single for Upcoming Album

Elohim 2023 photo
Photo via Elohim’s Instagram

Just under a year from her last release, 2022’s Journey to the Center of Myself (Abridged), electropop singer and producer Elohim is already gearing up for her second full-length album with the new single and video, “Breath.” The single is enough to stand independently for how many directions it takes in under 4 minutes. Marked by Elohim’s signature strokes of soft and abrasive electronic beats, “Breath” comes out on the other end as a new sound for her, sounding like something straight out of a cyberpunk pursuit.


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Before the track kicks into gear, Elohim’s high-pitched and digitized vocals delicately set the scene. Over an EDM key that acts as a timer for what’s to come, she meshes together with the production and becomes one with the machine seamlessly, not unlike previous material. When the beat drop arrives, weaponized synths surround her voice, and sirens blare into action, raising the stakes and cutting through the thumping drum machine that carries into the second half. By the end, the song will have been through varying levels of intensity that it’s no surprise Elohim keeps repeating, “Give me a second to catch my breath.”


Appropriately chaotic, the music video sticks with the industrial and nightmarish EDM soundscape for what could only be described as a bad trip in a dystopian world. Hypnotically moving through flashing colors without regard to physics, the animated visuals prominently feature skulls and holograms seemingly haunting Elohim at every corner, who makes fleeting appearances in the video. But her artistic voice isn’t lost behind the animated hellscape or underneath the song’s production. She’s just as part of the electronic instrumentation, and there’s no telling what the rest of her album will sound like, only that it will probably be as fresh and exciting as “Breath.”

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“Breathe,” the first single for Elohim’s upcoming album, is out now on all streaming services. Be sure to visit Elohim on Instagram and her website for more info.

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