Elohim’s Newest Album is an Organic Expression of the Self Via Electronic Pulsations

Elohim’s Newest Album is an Organic Expression of the Self Via Electronic Pulsations

Completing her four-part series, electro pop artist Elohim drops Journey to the Center of Myself, Vol. 4, an eight-track release that is imaginative and explorative of the self. In it, Elohim traverses sounds, vibes and lyrics that all relate to the uniqueness and eccentricity of her being and her life. Softer and with plenty of instrumental interludes, the album bounces through your headphones and settles perfectly into your cerebral cortex.

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Vibrating and humming with a magnetic abstraction, Elohim layers beats and electronic sounds that almost seem to react to each other in real time throughout individual tracks, sparked by an electric current flow that pulsates along to the ebb and flow of life.

Touching on themes such as individuality, mental health, the singular experience of life and self-awareness — Elohim becomes an open book, letting her words and creativity flow alongside a sonic reconstruction of her mind. On a whole, Journey to the Center of Myself, Vol. 4 finds a way to express a multitude of emotions and thoughts while using very few words. Self-written (alone in her bedroom) and self-produced, it is a very personal piece of work that shows the deconstruction and putting back together of one human living life as best as she can; a venture she is very open about on social media and through her music.

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“I think the anticipation of life and shows and music release and everything in between,” notes Elohim in an Instagram post on releasing her new album and life in general. “Sometimes things feel good and I want to try and hold on for dear life so it never goes away. Sometimes I want to hide in my bed I imagine it in my head and it’s the only thing that gives me comfort to dream about it’s so silly. Cause at the same time I feel immensely so super grateful and happy to experience not only life but such a privileged life . And I want to keep facing my fears so I can inspire you to do the same.”

Words: Patti Sanchez

For more on Elohim, make sure to visit her website and follow her on Instagram and Twitter.

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