Few contemporary independent pop artists approach the level of insight that we have come to expect from Elohim. The Los Angeles dance-pop musician pours herself into her songwriting, moreso now than ever before; the second volume of her four-part Journey to the Center of Myself EP series will show a continuation of Elohim’s creative reinvigoration after she set up a home studio during the pandemic. On “Treat You Better,” she speaks directly to herself; watch the visualizer for the song below. 


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“I prefer the listener to find their own meaning within the lyrics and feeling of a song, but for me “Treat You Better” is a playful pact with myself to treat myself better. My brain walks out on me in the first verse because she thinks I’m not worthy of her anymore because I’m too self-destructive. This is that conversation. Me and my brain. Fantasy meets reality.” – Elohim

“Treat You Better” contains so many direct pleas, one may assume it is a break-up song. And perhaps from Elohim’s specific perspective, it is, though it’s a separation more from her own past than from another person. And not to mention how hopeful and endearing the track is with its layers of deep house musicality and playful vocalizations. Elohim herself is not ashamed of the past so much as she is looking forward to the future—and we’re more than content to dance our way there. 

Words: Zoë Elaine

In September, Elohim will be supporting Alison Wonderland at Red Rocks and playing at Firefly Fest; check out her website for more details. Follow Elohim on Instagram and Twitter

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