Teri Gender Bender is Making Music “Like No One Else” on New Single for Upcoming EP “CATSPEAK”

Teri Gender Bender 2023 photo

Before she embarks as an opening act for The Mars Volta this May, avant-pop artist and multi-instrumentalist, Teri Gender Bender is readying the release of a new EP with the opening track, “Like No One Else.” The EP, titled CATSPEAK, is set for the 12th, right amid the tour and on time for crowds to hear the new song. Short and sweet in a way only Teri could manage, the single and its video takes the premise of an infatuated pop jam and makes it gender-inclusive with lyrics like, “You walk like a man when your bones are on fire / And you move like a girl when your lips are all wired.”


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Despite the first few seconds of slow-burn guitar strumming seemingly leading down a punk route, the track keeps things cool and mellow. Though, some garage rock stripes call back to Teri’s days fronting Guadalajara band Le Butcherettes, notably the sinister bassline and riot grrrl screeches. In the latter half, she goes full-on banshee and shouts through strange, distorted vocals scattered in the background. Listening in a little closer, it sounds like ghosts wallowing in your walls. But the general mischievous attitude from Teri herself keeps matters light, not taking itself seriously in favor of sacrificing the fun she seems to be having.


On a somewhat meta-level, the music video for “Like No One Else” follows Teri through the process of recording the song itself. At first, she tests out the tape recorder to see if the feedback is good before cutting to her playing each instrument as a one-person band. During the process, she busts some appropriately freewheeling and eccentric dance moves while playing the guitar and bass, reminding that she’s in the lane of her creation. The days of fronting Le Butcherettes might have established Teri as a garage rocker, but her true strength is ushering in her idiosyncratic vision to the beat of her own drum.

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Words: David Sosa

US Tour (supporting The Mars Volta)

May 5 – The Masquerade – Atlanta, GA

May 9 – The Criterion – Oklahoma City, OK

May 10 – Revel – Albuquerque, NM

May 13 – Marquee Theatre – Tempe, AZ

May 14 – Abraham Chavez Theatre – El Paso, TX

May 16 – Tech Port Center & Arena – San Antonio, TX

May 18 – Orpheum Theatre – New Orleans, LA

May 19 – 713 Music Hall – Houston, TX

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