Sharaya Summers Gives A Gutwrenching Elegy For Love’s Memory On “Forever You & Me”

Sharaya Summers
Sharaya Summers by Kate Rentz

Sharaya Summers has unveiled the lead single and title track from their forthcoming new album (due out this year) with the arrival of “Forever You & Me.” The new song is some of the most recent music the Oregon singer/songwriter has shared in recent years, apart from the stellar Everything Is Going To Be Okay EP they created alongside The Guest and the Host and Avid Dancer. And while prior releases — like the single “Agendas” or debut EP Bend Before We Break — have long indicated her knack for ethereally introspective Americana. Her latest offering surpasses all thresholds of emotional catharsis previously summited in her music.


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A gutwrenching ballad of lovelorn agony, “Forever You & Me” has evolved in meaning for Summers since she first wrote it. Originally the song was borne out of a memory of a moment after her grandmother’s funeral, one in which she saw her grandfather sitting alone in quiet heartbreak as he watched a slide show of his wife’s life flicker past. The pain of that loss and the mystery of such a bittersweet emotion as love gushes forth from Summers’ elegiac lyricism. “If loving you is the last thing I do / On this side of eternity,” she coos lightly. “I wouldn’t mind.”


As time has passed, “Forever You & Me” has been imbued with new meaning and heartache for Summers. “The lyrics to this song have taken on new meaning for me,” she explained. “Whether love is lost in life or death, it is something we can never fully prepare for. All we have is the present, so make the moments count.”

That sentiment and desire come as she navigates separation and possible divorce from her partner of six years — and it’s a sign of the myriad and timeless nature of her music that the song still holds true for her. “You are my best friend and if this is the end,” Summers echoes sadly in her euphonious trill. “I won’t regret this life as we left it.”

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Words: Steven Ward

Listen to “Forever You & Me” the new single from Sharaya Summers below!

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