Artists You Should Know: Take A Dive Into The Ethereal Pop Creations Of Rozie Ramati With New Single “Drown In The Clouds Of Dew”

rozie ramati
Rozie Ramati by Sabrina Binder

Los Angeles artist Rozie Ramati has shared a new single with the release of “Drown in the Clouds of Dew,” a spacey and dreamlike track that was produced by Sega Bodega. It’s the third song that the singer/songwriter has shared this year and represents the ethereal evolution of her sound since her debut single “Records We Played” back in 2021. Now steeped in a frantic electronica that lends itself to her stratosphere-soaring and lambent vocals, the latest offerings from Ramati serve as a preview for her forthcoming and highly-anticipated debut album.


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“Drown in the Clouds of Dew” sounds exactly like its title suggests, dropping you into an airy well of lofty instrumentals and gossamer vocals. The track first came together out of this beat, which Sega Bodega sent to Ramati and subsequently inspired a burst of creativity that led to not only this song but her album as well. Like previous releases, the melody is made all the more transfixing by the way it’s entwined like glimmering strings with her buoyant cries. Urged forward by the earnest backbeat the track remains suspended and weightless, wrapped in tender intimacy and verdant emotion that gushes from Ramati’s trilling.


The song’s euphoric melody is a nod to the rather serendipitous occurrences that led to its creation. As it was only by chance that Ramati was ever even acquainted with Sega Bodega in the first place. Though it’s clear it was a match made in musical heaven. If you find yourself hopelessly enamored with Ramati and can’t wait for the new album you’re in luck because she does have a handful of stellar singles out that you can similarly lose yourself in.

There’s the spellbinding wonder that unfolds from the enthralling “Grapevines,” another track that underscores Ramati’s love of eclectic soundscapes. Or the sonorous ballad “Origami,” a song that invokes 90’s pop rhythms before dashing it all in favor of these jarring vocal leaps that leave you in awe of her vocal prowess.

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Words: Steven Ward

Listen to “Drown in the Clouds of Dew” the new single from Rozie Ramati below!

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