Stream MILCK’s New Single “Closer” From Her Upcoming Documentary Short “I Can’t Keep Quiet”


MILCK has shared another stirring single with the release of “Closer,” as well as the preview for her upcoming documentary short “I Can’t Keep Quiet” which will premiere at the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival on May 11. The new song will appear in the film which will itself explore the impact of another of the artist’s powerful anthems: “Quiet,” which became a rallying cry for the 2017 Women’s March. Filmed with an all-female team that includes Peabody Award-winning documentarian Grace Lee, the short will follow the five years since that march to track the evolution of MILCK’s activism through music.


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As is a defining characteristic of MILCK’s soaring pop ballads, her new single “Closer” presents itself as this joyfully energizing surge of empathy. One that’s rooted in her desire to bring healing through her music. Just like previous singles “Metamorphosis” and “Monster,” her latest offering does just that with an overflow of grace and compassion. “Come a little closer / To me,” she sings, releasing her soul-inflaming cries against the song’s impossible-to-resist anthemics.

“When words hit like stones / Hit too close to home,” she murmurs. “When we’ve gone too far and forgiveness feels impossible.” At the center of “Closer” is MILCK’s earnest need to offer soothing catharsis but also the means to self-sustain yourself against everything that’s going to ever be hurled in hate and ignorance at you. But it also serves as a reminder of the necessity of connection, of giving voice to the unspoken because it brings urges others out of silence.


The song’s igniting courage makes it perfectly suitable for the upcoming documentary short “I Can’t Keep Quiet.” Co-written with Adrianne Gonzalez — who also collaborated with MILCK on “Quiet” — the song creates nothing short of a gushingly melodic and rejuvenating experience. No one writes an anthem quite like these two and when delivered via the artist’s raptly beautiful vocals it’s made even more sublime and affecting.

Check out a preview of the film below!

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Words: Steven Ward

Listen to “Closer” the new single from MILCK below!

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