Artists You Should Know: Yoke Lore Pens Another Soul-Billowing Anthem On New Single “Winona”

yoke lore
Yoke Lore by Billie Black

Yoke Lore, the solo project of Adrian Galvin (formerly of Yellerkin and Walk the Moon), has shared their latest single with the release of another soaring alt-pop track titled “Winona.” They’re also currently performing a run of tour dates that will bring them to The Fonda Theatre in Los Angeles on Sep. 15. With four EPs under his belt and a multitude of singles, he has cultivated a rapt approach to crafting cathartically anthemic songs that get at the heart of his desire as an artist.


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“I want to tell stories about how memories, relationships, apprehensions, and big dreams hold us together,” Galvin explained in an Instagram post. “I think that exploring universal experiences both emotional and spiritual is best conveyed through the potency of personal narrative. And music wields a power to render the very personal, epic.” When it comes to transforming the subjective into something grandiose and universal the music of Yoke Lore strikes a potently heartfelt chord.


On “Winona” a billowing melody of frantic banjo strums and roaring percussion soundtrack a bittersweet attempt to understand the all too human habit of self-sabotage. It’s a song about heartache and a yearning for a love that now only exists in one’s memories. But true to his desire to make such introspections transcendent Galvin doesn’t stop there, pin-pointing his desperation for love as one of the reasons things didn’t work out in the first place. “But she said love can’t just be an escape, cause then it’s not the real thing,” he croons over the race of acoustic riffs.

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Previous singles like “More of Your Love” — created alongside fellow indie-pop artist JR JR — is a sweepingly lush ballad that twinkles airly aboard a lightweight melody. Another stellar collaboration results from Yoke Lore’s track with Elohim on “Pastel Auras,” which slips dreamily into an efflorescent soundscape of earnest electronica. Other recent standouts from the last few years include “Shock Flesh” with its effervescent harmonies and the resounding chamber-pop essence of “Seeds.” And if you head even deeper into his expansive discography EPs like Meditations are exceptionally disarming with their cavernous intimacy and forthright emotional lucidity.


See Yoke Lore at The Fonda Theatre in Los Angeles on Sep. 15 and The Observatory North Park in San Diego on Sep. 16.

Visit Yoke Lore on their website and Instagram to stay updated on new releases and tour announcements.

Words: Steven Ward

Listen to “Winona” the new single from Yoke Lore below!

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