Carly Waddell Shares Second Single/Video From Forthcoming Debut EP With “Two Little Angels”

Carly Waddell

Dallas-born Carly Waddell will be sharing a new single from her upcoming debut EP with the arrival of “Two Little Angels” on May 19. The song will also be accompanied by a music video and serves as her second release following lead single “Your Friends Like Me More” earlier this year. Some might recognize Waddell from her stints on “Bachelor” but at heart, she has always been a performer with their eyes fixed firmly on finding a stage to sing from. After a brief hiatus from those pursuits — taken to focus on being a mother to her two daughters — she is poised to make her introduction.


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“Two Little Angels” unfolds as a reaffirmation of what is important to Waddell: her expression through music and her two children. At its core, the song overflows with gushing parental love and tries to defy many of the socially imposed stereotypes placed upon divorced mothers. As Waddell refuses to be defined by anything except her passion and love, her vocals soar over the song’s propulsive pop balladry.

But it also hones in on her aspirations for her daughters, giving voice to all the budding hope and fears that get conjured up when she looks at her kids. And it is out of that love that Waddell channels this need for reconciliation around any separation: one that centers on a shared desire — in spite of a couple’s own differences and conflicts — to put their children first.


“On the other side of the room, you could come close but I could too,” Waddell coos radiantly as the song begins. “Things we both won’t do.” When “Two Little Angels” arrives next week it will also come with a music video that will poignantly capture that dissonance between the artist and her partner. It opens with Waddell walking elegantly dressed into what looks like a small chapel before it cuts to two phenomenal dancers who start to mime through dance the two parent’s friction. But as the song continues they become more and more entwined as they find a way to share in the joy that comes with raising their two beloved children.

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“It actually wasn’t a song I was even sure I wanted to write,” Waddell said of the single. “I had a very public divorce and didn’t know if I wanted to speak about it in any way after it finally blew over…but this song was born from the idea ‘should two people stay together just for the kids?’ and how regardless of if you stay together or not, your children are still perfect angels and an incredible gift. With my children being the focus, I felt a little more at ease opening up to the most personal parts of my life. Honestly, I still don’t know the right answer to that question, and that’s why the song doesn’t give an answer. I think it’s a beautiful and powerful song to contemplate on, go hug your children to, and hopefully one that truly resonates with people.”

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Words: Steven Ward

Watch the video for Carly Waddell’s new song “Two Little Angeles”

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