Sans Soucis is Dancing Their Way into the Future on New House Single “I Know Your Present”

Sans Soucis 2023 photo
Photo by Holly McCandless-Desmond

Having made a splash last year when their single “All Over This Party” dropped, Italian-Congolese musician Sans Soucis has cemented themselves as someone to keep an ear out in the often crowded world of dance music with the release of “I Know Your Present.” Written and produced by Soucis, the dance track highlights the London-based artist’s strengths and sharpens their ability to maintain an empowering message. In under four minutes, the song captures the type of music appropriate for both nightlife excursions and keen-eyed stargazing.


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From the jump, their crystalline voice cuts through what could be categorized as a futuristic house beat, complete with a cocktail-shaker rhythm sprinkled over the drum loop. The looming bass and distant arpeggios that could be misconstrued as spacey sounds from another planet only add to the out-of-this-world production.


Never failing in the visual department, “I Know You Present” comes with a striking music video. Shot in black and white, the music video finds Soucis dressed like a motion capture dominatrix, keeping it cool and collected while basking in the white sunglow. Dancers passing by in stark shadows show the passage of time, speaking directly to the core message of the track as Soucis doesn’t let the darkness bother them.

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“This is a letter I wrote to myself and my sister whom I share a difficult childhood with,” said Soucis on the inspiration behind the song. “Experiencing some of the darker shades of life from a very young age shaped the way we see the world and the way we experience our relationship. We both came to terms with the fact that we needed help in our lives and this is a reminder of when we found the courage to ask for it.”


Those kinds of thoughtful sentiments make Soucis stand out, who, line after line, reminds us not to get so hung up in the moment and look forward to the future. There’s enough rhythm to dance along, but food for thought to think about later.

Words: David Sosa

“I Know Your Present” by Sans Soucis is out on all streaming services. For more on their new music, follow them on Instagram, Bandcamp, and their website.

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