Poolside Enters A New Chapter With New Single and Music Video For “Each Night” (feat. Mazy)

Poolside by Shawn Hanna

If you were itching for more music from Poolside then get ready for the beginnings of a downpour, as Los Angeles-based producer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Jeffrey Paradise has shared his newest single “Each Night” (feat. Mazy). The song is the first to be minted from his signing with Ninja Tune/Counter Records and promises that more new music is imminent. All of his prior creations — from his debut Pacific Standard Time to his 2021 summer paradise EP High Season — had been independently released through his own imprint Pacific Standard Records.


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For Paradise, “Each Night” represents just a taste of what Poolside’s future holds with the new label. The crux of his decision to sign was based on their encouragement for the project to continue “getting weirder, experimenting, digging deeper, and ignoring the rules.” His new single checks all those boxes, while also continuing to forge collaborations with artists and bands that might enrich that vision. To this end, Australian psychedelic indie-pop outfit Mazy offer their gleaming vocals to the track’s sublimely shifting soundscape.

The result is a song that rather sleekly melds Poolside’s multi-genre fixations with Mazy’s lovelorn introspections. For Paradise, the song is a representation of the aural legacy and originality of his project, while still pushing its boundaries. With its mellowed-synth explosions and shimmering sonics “Each Night” unfurls as another bittersweet wave of nostalgia ebbing within the magical surfs of Poolside’s discography.


“‘Each Night’ was written during the ending stages of a relationship,” Mazy explained. “I was always working late and didn’t own a car, so I found myself running home to her through the empty streets in the dead of night. It is a song about realizing that something is coming to an end, but holding on to the joy and beauty of the way it was, not yet ready to let go.”

The music video for “Each Night,” directed by Nathan Castiel and created with the help of AI artist Max Kreis, conveys that longing with a sci-fi bent. The video follows the life of a woman who has become addicted to an immersive virtual reality, splicing together analog shots of her walking around in the “real world” with flashing visions of the one she is pining for. These scenes were created by Kreis and unfold as these surreal, ethereally-digital animations that capture a peculiar. spellbinding awe

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Words: Steven Ward

Watch the music video for “Each Night” (feat. Mazy) the new single from Poolside below!

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