Dive in to Poolside’s blissful summer soundtrack with “High Season” LP

Poolside offers-up a blissful summer soundtrack with "High Season" LP
Photo by David Wynn

Poolside‘s Jeffrey Paradise has brought together an essential mix of summer-ready jams aboard his High Season LP, a companion album of sorts to last year’s Low Season. The nine-song collection brings together all the euphoric and mesmerizing electronica Poolside is known for with an eclectic cast of collaborators, resulting in a variety of new songs and remixes that will undoubtedly soundtrack the return of summer hangs and beach soirées. Like the rest of us, Paradise and the artists on High Season have experienced a relative depression in regards to being cooed up at home for over a year. High Season remedies those feelings with a soothing reminder that an end is within sight — all to the tune of some seriously groovy mixes. The opening track “Kinda Lovely” (feat. Panama) sets the tone for the rest of the album, remixed as it is by Bleu Toucan into a warmly caressing daytime disco track.


Like a curated playlist of the best summer mixes, High Season is filled with dance-ready hooks and lush synth work. Whether it’s the two different versions of “I Feel High” (one with L’Impératrice and another with DRAMA), each supremely funky in their own ways, or the countless blissful remixes of Low Season tracks like “Getting There From Here” or the summer dance mix version of “Around The Sun,” it’s clear that Poolside’s knack for creating sunshine disco tracks is sharper than ever. There is the jittery swirl of energetic chillwave that is Neil Frances’ remix of”Can’t Stop Your Lovin’,” which is preceded by Moullinex‘s own enrapturing rework of the hypnotic “Sunrise Strategies.” But like the climax of any great summer night bash, the finale of High Season ends up being its most memorable moment. Teaming up with Buscabulla for the titular track, “High Season” tops off an album of vibrantly textured songs with a subdued but no less ecstatic or enthralling collision of groovy electronica. It’s impossible not to feel the weighty optimism Poolside has injected into these tracks and the eagerness to actually have them soundtrack a summer that will hopefully be filled with as much music and dance.

“Early on in the pandemic I turned to music as a way to cope with the depression that we were all feeling,” Paradise said of the music on the album. “While I didn’t exactly have a plan, I now look back on the body of work that Poolside has created in the last fourteen months and see it as a testament to music’s power to rescue us from despair and quite literally change lives. High Season is a document of that time, a collection of collaborations, remixes and more that highlights the bright side of the Daytime Disco sound and celebrates the larger community of artists that Poolside is a part of.”

High Season is out now, purchase it here. Visit Poolside’s website, Twitter, and Instagram to stay updated on new releases and tour announcements.

Listen to Poolside’s new LP High Season below!

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