Poolside x DRAMA

A woozy celebration of the perceived invincibility of youth, “I Feel High” is a buoyant jam and a perfect collaboration between the daytime disco of Poolside and the duo DRAMA. Transforming Poolside’s normally laid back, floating disco melodies into a jumpier, dance-ready track, “I Feel High” is an ecstatic ode to life and the “sometimes reckless” way we tend to live it.

DRAMA’s Via Rosa lends her vocals to the song, weaving her spoken-word passages into its spiraling melody, created by the other half of the group’s duo Na’el Shehade, who adds to the songs already sublime synth soundscape.


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It’s a superb anthem that bounces around in the back of your head with its endless replayability, but it’s the perfect capturing of that feeling, of barreling through life because you have the hope and energy to overcome any obstacle, that is at the heart of “I Feel High.”

“It’s all about that invincible feeling you get when you’re young, and out with your friends. In the moment you have this undeniable sureness that no matter what ‘this is not how I die,’” DRAMA said. “And in that you fuel each other you become fearless and confident. When I was younger me and my friends would sneak back into the house after a night of partying, the first thing we’d ask each other before going inside is ‘do I look high?’ And although I really felt the need to incorporate that into the song for ‘personal nostalgia’ I think everyone has experienced that reality.” 

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