MOLD! Breaks Out of the Mold of Psych Music and into New Ground on Single “20MG”

MOLD! 2023 photo
Photo by Cameron Gonzalez

In a short period, Miami-based psych band MOLD! has done everything but confine themselves to a limiting mold. Though the band is still relatively small, their sound couldn’t be more immense and loud on the first single and video to their self-titled album due September, “20MG.” Resembling groups such as Boris and Deftones, the song aligns with doom metal and drone music genres. But, unlike those comparisons, they find something raw and fragile when balancing the discussion on prescription drugs. Packing a punch of complex dread and unbridled energy, singers Carlo Barbacci and Bronto Montano, who founded the group, lead the charge toward a promising new direction for the band.


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The vocals, dejected in the mood on the hook, are quick to shout in the same energy as an angsty punk frontman in the 70s, but from an emotional and vulnerable place not always expressed in similar acts. Equally sad and angry, the emotional conflict couldn’t be more apparent, breaking through barriers of sound as drummer Frankie Lujan continually beats the drums to a bloody pulp. By the end, the two minutes will have flown by due to the fast-paced rhythm mirroring the binge lifestyle the band sings about on the track.


Neither flashy nor professional, the video stands in contrast to the high-octane energy of the song. Featuring the bandmates levitating around town and lollygagging, they fool around with toy models of Darth Vader and the Red Ranger. Though it’s almost the exact opposite of the core message, both in tone and subject matter, it does give a glimpse into the personalities behind MOLD! and what they’re really like in person.

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Speaking on the inspiration for “20MG,” Barbacci and Montano said, “20mg is a song that debates if you’re feeling comfortable with your prescription or if you miss the party days you left behind. Is depending on medication the right way? Or should you look for that peace on your own?”

The final result reflects that uncertain pondering, handling the complicated subject of substance abuse without outright promoting or rejecting it in hypocrisy. Rather than painting it as a fun experience, the band shows it for what it is, warts and all. It’s hard not to hope their new music follows in the same fashion as “20MG.” But seeing as though it came as a switch up to their usual style, maybe the best is to hope for the unexpected.


Words: David Sosa

“20MG” by MOLD!  is out on all streaming services. For more on their new music, follow them on Instagram, Facebook, and Bandcamp.

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