The sounds of summer are shining bright and are soon upon us! Created by Scott and Julia Montoya, HAPPY SUNDAYS has returned for another musical trip around the sun and this year’s extravaganza is looking bigger and better! Of all the free summer concerts in Los Angeles, HAPPY SUNDAYS in Long Beach is one of our favorites. It’s all about community.


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Each year the free, one-day music festival continues to grow and become a joyful staple in the communities of Long Beach. And during these challenging times, where concert ticket prices and fees are wildly expensive, HAPPY SUNDAYS returns as a welcoming respite for all; whether you have the cash or not, the music is free for all who attend.

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Continuing its mission of supporting local business, art, music, and community in the historic Zaferia District of Long Beach, the upcoming HAPPY SUNDAYS once again brings together a diverse lineup of local, national, and global musical acts. The 2023 HAPPY SUNDAYS will feature performances from some of our favorite bands: L.A. Witch, Soft Palms, The Paranoyds, Birth Defects, Ughh, Julia, Julia and a lot more.

With over 40 bands playing at 11 different venues, you gotta add this very special community music fest to your calendar. Visit HAPPY SUNDAYS for more info, and follow them on Insta to stay updated on all the latest news!

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