The Paranoyds
The Paranoyds – photo by Derek Perlman

The Paranoyds have announced the incoming release of Talk, Talk, Talk, their highly-anticipated sophomore album. Heralding its groovy eclecticism with the cosmically fuzzy “Lizzie” and its retro sci-fi music video accompaniment. Over skittering electric riffs and spacey punk swinging the punchy four-piece wails in unison about the track’s titular infatuation.


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“They might come after me, I can’t help it I’m into Lizzie / She’s strangely busy, rehearsing so to speak,” they howl against the hammering of drums and shrieking guitars. It’s the kind of fidgety, rambunctious rock that The Paranoyds have dutifully dished out in the past — only with a twist of 80’s glam nostalgia.

The music video for “Lizzie,” directed by JJ Stratford, perfectly encapsulates the kind of visuals that inspired the single. Adorned in reflective tin foil headwear and similarly grey-shiny outfits that look like a campy mid-century vision of the future, using movies like Terminator and Alien as reference points. In a lot of ways, the outfits and dances even evoke The Rocky Horror Picture Show — if it took place on a fly-saucer rather than a spooky mansion. Stratford even said the band’s “Devo vibe” helped her design an aesthetic around The Paranoyds that also oozed their own unique and unabashed style.

“She’s cute, she’s passionate, she’s dedicated to her art, but there’s this one thing. She’s a walking contradiction,” band member Lexi Funston said of the song’s central femme interest. “How does she consistently act in roles, where she plays a truth-seeker, a down-to-earth, relatable woman who’s usually trying to escape some sort of oppressive event or oppressive relationship and then in real life be completely bound to a religion with foundations that are essentially a science fiction novel?” 

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Watch the video for The Paranoyds’ new single “Lizzie”

The Paranoyds tour – supporting Jack White
Sept. 16 – Asheville, NC – Rabbit Rabbit

Sept. 23 – New Orleans, LA  – The Fillmore

Sept. 25 – Shreveport, LA –¬†Shreveport Municipal Auditorium

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