Melt Into the Dreamy Soft Palms Video for New Song “Rainbows”

Soft Palms band

Soft Palms is the dreamy brainchild of husband-and-wife duo, Julia Kugel (The Coathangers, White Woods) and Scott Montoya (formerly of The Growlers). Soft Palms’ latest new song and video “Rainbows”, is a vibrant, atmospheric portal that teleports you to some ephemeral window right in between space and time. The track is interpolated with lilting vocals and hypnotic, psychedelic cords that channel the spirit of Coctaeu Twins and Slowdive.

The shimmering video was shot themselves at the duo’s home, echoing the same DIY spirit that influenced the album recording. The remainder of the album, dropping July 31st via Everlong Records, is a feast of rich sounds and dreamy melodies that feel simultaneously intimate. 

The song was created with Montoya’s unique and meticulous recording process at the couple’s home studio the Centre Of Mental Arts (COMA), and the magisterial mastering by longtime friend and collaborator Mick Boggis (Pogues, Mötorhead, 12 Monkeys, Joe Strummer, etc.) who has served as a mentor throughout Montoya’s recording career. 

“My goal was to create something that sounded like a mental hug, a sonic embrace,” reveals Julia Kugel. “Everything can feel so wild and out of control, we really wanted to create something you could sink into and use to calm those emotions.”

Though the album’s eight songs were written in fits and starts over the course of nearly a decade, Soft Palms ultimately came together over a two-year period as an extension of Kugel and Montoya’s broader musical ventures.

Together the duo books the Happy Sundays music festival, runs the non-profit Studios for Schools, and organizes the events calendar Long Beach POP-all in an effort to celebrate, promote, and produce art and music through community and positivity.

Their sustainability and waste reduction philosophies are the real deal, with all their merch made from salvaged and repurposed clothing. Several items in their just-launched webstore are hand-dyed using cinnamon tea, and all are hand stamped (using a homemade stamp), making each item unique and one-of-a-kind.

The Soft Palms sound is an everlasting snapshot of Kugel and Montoya’s infectious warmth that, in addition to their other musical projects, brightens up the world.

 Stream “Rainbows”/pre-save the album here. Follow Soft Palms’ journey at via Website and on Instagram.

Watch Soft Palms Video for “Rainbows”

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