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Over the past few years, Canadian-Colombian multihyphenate Lido Pimienta has undergone a natural evolution that has seen her come into her own and make singular music akin to a self-sufficient ecosystem of her creation. Though it’s been about three years since she last released solo music, she’s offering a glimpse of what’s to come on the track “EIN SOF, Infinito.”


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Written and produced by Pimienta herself, who created the song for artist Orly Anan’s film of the same name, she’s—in her own words—softening up at the idea of love. Drawing its title from the Kabbalah phrase roughly translated to “infinity,” the vibrant art direction in her videos carries over. While there’s only a lyric video to accompany the release, her creativity is evident and doesn’t fail to stun, even if it’s the soundtrack to another artist’s work.

“EIN SOF, Infinito” softly opens up to the plucking of strings and ringing chimes, with Pimienta harmonizing her way into the lush arrangement. The flutes soon follow and float in the wind of her vocals, coasting the precise instrumental along much like a traditional film score. Refreshingly, the track takes its time to build up, suddenly bursting out in a blossoming passion toward the second half and never venturing further beyond. By the end, the vocals have supplied enough semblance of a straightforward song to fulfill its purpose as music that can stand independently despite being created for a film.

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What stands out the most about Pimienta’s sound is how everything from inception to execution is conceptualized in her vision. “Quería que la producción se sintiera como un abrazo interminable” said Pimienta on Instagram, which translates to “I wanted the production to feel like a never-ending hug.” She does just that on top of expressing an underlying longing for another. Not overtly, but just enough to give the song a little more nuance than needed, landing her in that sweet spot she commonly finds herself: somewhere between paying tribute to the past and ushering in new sonically vibrant futures.

Words: David Sosa

“EIN SOF, Infinito” by Lido Pimienta is out on all streaming services. For more on new music, follow her on Instagram, Bandcamp, and her website.

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