Wisconsin-based singer, songwriter, producer, and guitarist KennyHoopla has shared a preview of their forthcoming BLINK AND YOU’LL MISS IT// EP with the release of its lead single “SABOTAGE//” produced by Travis Barker. His music continues to blur the lines between pop-punk and hip-hop with its blistering anthems of virulent catharsis. KennyHoopla will also be heading out on tour this summer in support of both BLINK-182 and Limp Bizkit.


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KennyHoopla’s latest offering seeks to preview what the future has in store for the rising artist. One of three tracks within BLINK AND YOU’LL MISS IT// the new single “SABOTAGE//” finds the artist consumed by the fiery vulnerability that has increasingly become his preferred element. “Always find another way to ruin things,” he wails on the track. “Through suffering / And sabotage.” Against a relentless tangle of zealous drums and incinerating riffs he dives headfirst into uncovering all the ways in which things seem destined for death and disaster.

“As if this life ever in your odds,” KennyHoopla laments disappointedly in the chorus’s second half. “It takes so long to fall apart.” Behind all the sonic ferocity that rumbles from “SABOTAGE//” is a bleeding-heart affirmation that trying to be a good person — or at the very least honest with yourself and those around you — doesn’t always go as planned. “Show ’em the light, and it goes bad, they all go blind,” he ruminates on the song’s opening moments. “I’m not positive I’m in love, but I know I’m not your type.” The track reveals that it’s becoming increasingly evident that KennyHoopla can always be relied on to offer a firestorm of emotion within their furiously rapt creations.

“Stretching a smile for other people’s happiness is never worth the sadness in the end,” KennyHoopla said of the single. “There is a great pain that comes with trying to be a good or fair person in this current world, an even greater ego death than you most likely never even got a chance to build, but we stay as silent and pure as we can for the possibility of ‘peace’ one day. The pictures never do justice.”

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The new EP announcement follows a busy 2023 for KennyHoopla as he’s released two singles: the mercurial dance track “Dancing On My Grave” and the explosive laments of the hotly kinetic “YOU NEEDED A HIT//.” As well as a fitting collaboration with legends Bloc Party on the song “Keep It Rolling.”

BLINK AND YOU’LL MISS IT// the new EP from KennyHoopla is out on July 7. Pre-order it here.

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KennyHoopla tour
7/8 – BLINK 182 @ Houston, TX
7/10 – BLINK 182 @ Tampa, FL
7/11 – BLINK 182 @ Fort Lauderdale, FL
7/13 – BLINK 182 @ Atlanta, GA
7/14 – Harley Davidson Event w/ Green Day (Milwaukee, WI)
7/16 – BLINK 182 @ Nashville, TN
8/12 – Limp Bizkit @ Leeds, UK
8/13 – Limp Bizkit @ London, UK
8/17 – Festival in St. Poelten, Austria
8/18 – Festival in Biddinghuizen, Netherlands
8/19 – Festival in Charleville, France
8/20 – Festival in Hasselt, Belgium
8/26 – Reading & Leeds Festival, UK
8/27 – Reading & Leeds Festival, UK
9/9 – Ohio Is For Lovers Festival (Cincinnati, OH)

Words: Steven Ward

Listen to “SABOTAGE//” the new single from KennyHoopla below!

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