Äyanna has shared a new song with the release of “Girlfriend,” which arrives on the heels of the rising singer/songwriter’s recent signing to LVRN. The track is also joined by a music video, the first in a series of films that will expand the artist’s emotionally resonant music into the realm of a 2000s rom-com sitcom.


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With “Girlfriend” she’s found a lush and vibrant means of bringing together her pop and R&B/soul sensibilities. Soaking her dulcet vocals in a dreamy and shimmering melody that’s punctuated by sultry beats. The song finds Äyanna caught up in the infectiously jubilant swell of new feelings, the budding of which becomes overwhelming as she waits to discover if they’re reciprocated or not: “If I wait any longer / You might make me spill over.”

“I wrote ‘Girlfriend’ with Gale when I had a big crush on someone. It was the first time I’d felt such strong feelings and the day I wrote the song I was just feeling so overwhelmed and giddy,” Äyanna explained. “I said to Gale ‘let’s do something really fun and flirtatious.’ The song starts with ‘if I wait any longer, you might make me spill over’ because at the time I really was wondering why he hadn’t asked me to be his girlfriend yet. I just love how to the point the song is, while still being so playful and fun.”

The music video for “Girlfriend,” directed by Priya Minhas, serves as the first part of a video series that Äyanna will be releasing with each new track. In this first “episode” her character’s fixation on someone starts with a seemingly benign and chance meeting at a London cafe that she’s works in. As the song starts to radiate over the video it starts to cut away to shots of Äyanna and her dancers — all pinked out — offering up their playfully flirty and jubilant choreography.

After releasing a handful of singles a few years ago it’s apparent that Äyanna is poised for a stunning debut of some kind. Be sure to check out some of her previous releases like “Alone” and “Party Tricks,” two songs that previewed just how captivating her alluring vocals could be when giving voice to heartache and passion.

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Words: Steven Ward

Watch the music video for “Girlfriend” the new single from Äyanna below!

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