True to his name, post-punk singer-songwriter Indie Anthony is an independent artist who’s as inspired as he is original. Born and raised in Kingston, Jamaica, he opted to follow in the post-punk footsteps left behind by some of his favorite artists, such as Joy Division and The Cure, rather than make the dancehall or reggae music his country was known for. The distinction is heavily present in all his releases so far, with “ESP” perhaps among the darkest and most telling of his talents, all in less than two minutes.


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Released in time for his Saturday show at Viva Pomona! on July 15, “ESP” has just the right amount of dreamy gleam mixed with doomsday anxiety for an entire album. Predominantly featuring a brooding bass and screeching guitar combo often found on other singles, Anthony channels the same brand of dark indie-rock you might find listening to artists such as Dean Blunt or bar italia. His hopeless, almost defeated vocals are what make “ESP” special, sounding desperate for connection the same way a space explorer would yearn for contact deep in space.

Sitting firmly as his most streamed track, “Dumb And Shy” is an accurate title for a track fraught with angst matched only by the most turbulent teenagers. It also happens to be one of his most straightforward offerings, never completely switching away from the simple guitar, drum, and bass ongoings. But it doesn’t need to, communicating the same tireless and almost neverending dread heard in Anthony’s voice.

What’s most appealing about Anthony is how open he is about his creative process for someone making music on their own. Aside from selling beats through his social media for other artists to buy, he also shows the work that goes into some of his solo material and his thoughts at the time. It’s the kind of openness that, at the very least, shows the length independent artists are willing to reach. In Anthony’s favor, the work pays off and is the right level of darkness fans of post-punk will surely appreciate.

Words: David Sosa

“ESP” by Indie Anthony is out on all streaming services. For more on new music and live performances, including a show at Viva Pomona! on July 15, follow him on Instagram and TikTok.

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