Nao makes a jubilant return with the unveiling of her latest single “Balance,” inviting Jamaican DJ and rapper Skillibeng to join in on the revelry. The new track comes as the U.K. artist’s first release since the arrival of her third album And Then Life Was Beautiful — a radiantly rejoicing collection of songs that also diversified the unique style of “wonky funk” she operates within. Now she’s back with a party-igniting track that also bestows sagacious guidance alongside its hyperkinetic and tremoring rhythm.


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Led by Nao’s elated vocals “Balance” splits the difference between a coy dancefloor romancer and an emphatic expression of personal boundaries. “I’m on the tipping point, tipping point of catching feelings,” she discloses over the elastic snap of beats that thrum the track to life. “I’m taking in the signs, what you’re giving I’m receiving.”

But a passionate confession of desire neither deludes nor dilutes Nao’s ebullient spirit. Instead, she uses the moment to outline her needs against the song’s propulsive melody. “My peace I celebrate / You’re here please elevate,” she sings assuredly. “Bad mind can’t never catch me.” Though when Skillibeng jumps on the track he brings a sweltering dancehall swagger with his saucy bars.

“Balance” is also accompanied by a music video directed by Shane Creative that embodies the track’s rousingly festive energy. With the stunning vistas of Jamaica as a backdrop, the film follows both Nao and an incredible troupe of dancers as they perform the song from the streets to the rooftops. Every shot offers up the kind of feel-good block party that Nao’s exceptional bop both inspires and is meant to be bumped at.

Referring to the inspiration behind “Balance,” Nao revealed: “The track is a fun way of exploring boundaries. For me, mine is having a better balance in life. I used to be a workaholic which eventually took a big toll on my well-being. Once I found a better balance in life, it was important to let other people in my life know that I had shifted into a new way of being and to understand that.”

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Words: Steven Ward

Watch the music video for “Balance” (feat. Skillibeng) the new single from Nao below!

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