BELLSAINT has shared another taste of her forthcoming new album i used to be funny. with the release of the jubilant and curiously named new single “jim carrey.” It arrives as the seventh track she’s shared from her sophomore record, joining previous songs like the euphorically anthemic “tomboy cowgirl” and “dancing for the mirror.”


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Her latest offering springs from a surreal but life-changing interaction at a party that inspired a seachange in the way BELLSAINT would forever approach creating music. Led by the characteristically buoyant and galvanizing melodics that radiate from her songs, “jim carrey” unfolds as this effervescent and uplifting reminder to trust your own sincerity.

“Early in my twenties / My eye shadow was shimmering,” BELLSAINT sings as she sets the scene. “I was getting ready for singing at a party / Tucked up in the Hollywood Hills.” Though it doesn’t take long for such elation to deflate once she finds herself in a room filled with such wealth and fame.

Against the backdrop of a crisis of identity and purpose — as well as the rollicking of the song’s urgent riffs and soaring emotion — BELLSAINT struggles to decide on appropriate songs. “They say to keep it light and play the songs they like,” she sings before deciding on one that’s catchy but corny, the other dark but heartfelt.

It’s the latter that earns her the praise of the actor from which the song borrows its name. As Jim Carrey apparently approached BELLSAINT after her performance to give her what she refers to as her “greatest lesson” when it comes to not just making music but life in general. “All that pain you’re hiding / It’s the same light worth shining,” she coos, echoing his words back to herself as this invigorating avowal of them.

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i used to be funny. the new album from BELLSAINT is out on October 20th.

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Words: Steven Ward

Listen to “jim carrey” the new single from BELLSAINT below!

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