Los Angeles is about to experience an exciting cultural revival as the highly anticipated Power Fest returns on Sept. 16 after years of longing. Hosted by Community Coalition, this year’s Power Fest is more than just a festival—it’s a profound statement of solidarity and action to address the critical issues affecting the South Los Angeles community. This free event promises to celebrate unity, creativity, and empowerment, set against the vibrant backdrop of the Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza (Upper East Deck), from 12pm to 8pm.


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At the heart of Power Fest 2023 lies a dynamic musical tapestry that embraces diversity, reflecting the very essence of South Los Angeles. The stage will pulse with the energy from artists like Noname, Buyepongo, Utopia Tribe, Baile, and DJ Abstrkt. The unity and energy will undoubtedly soar and keep the dance floor alive all day!

Power Fest 2023 is more than just your average music festival. It’s an all-encompassing celebration of culture, activism, and artistic expression designed to tackle the pressing issues faced by the South LA community.

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Power Fest offers Empowerment Sessions like “Going Forward as You’re Looking Back: The Power of Our Stories,” “South LA is Still Home: Black and Brown Permanence,” and “Reimagining South LA: A Conversation on the Issues While Collectively Envisioning Solutions.” These discussions delve deep into community narratives, resilience, and collaborative problem-solving. Amidst it all, a vibrant collection of BIPOC-owned small businesses adds economic empowerment. 

Power Fest is more than music—it’s a platform for dialogue, action, and supporting local visionaries. Join the community shaping a more vital South LA while experiencing incredible live music. Get all the details to plan your day.

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