Continuing the 2000s rom-com she established on the single “Girlfriend,” R&B singer-songwriter Äyanna returns with what might be her most pleasantly, hopelessly romantic song and video to date, “Say You Love Me.”


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Typically known for her R&B and soul-inspired tracks, the East London/Jamaica-hailing singer is unabashedly channeling a more conventional pop direction for her latest single. The new single gleams with four additional tracks, all featured on her new EP In A Perfect World, out now via LVRN.

More than any other song from her catalog, Äyanna makes it hard not to fall for her optimistic and bright-eyed love views on a track that proves every now and then, all you need is a straightforward pop song to uplift your spirits.

True to the song’s message, “Say You Love Me” is short and sweet, much like the honeymoon phase when falling in love for the first time. Due to its simplicity, it doesn’t take long for the catchy chorus and Äyanna’s softly sung vocals to get stuck in your head as they pair well with the equally gentle guitar. Even for how simple the song is on paper, it still manages to head in some interesting directions, with the beat gradually cascading around the guitar and ending on an even higher note than the one it began on.

If the cover art’s hearts and stars weren’t an indicator of the song’s goal to capture first love, then the music video would prove Äyanna’s love for the 90s and 00s era of romance movies. Initially beginning with Äyanna and a man meeting in a romantically lit bar, the singer soon goes on stage to perform the song passionately as if it were a real concert. The red and pink visuals stun throughout, thanks to the lighting, putting any Valentine’s Day decorations to shame.

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While each subsequent single for In A Perfect World has been better than the one before, it’s hard to imagine any other song on the EP will top “Say You Love Me.” Äyanna seems to agree.

“’Say You Love Me’ is my favorite song in the project. To me, it feels like the perfect stadium love song to sing,” she said. “Every time I hear or sing this song, it takes me back to where I was when I wrote it — experiencing love for the first time.”

Seeing as though the song is the centerpiece on the five-track EP, it wouldn’t be a surprise if it ends up going down as the centerpiece of Äyanna’s new but evolving career.

Words: David Sosa

Say You Love Me is out now on all streaming services. Follow Äyanna on Instagram and TikTok.