Amid her ongoing European tour, of which she recently wrapped up the first half with more dates moving into October, Uma has released “La Vidente,” the final installment of her mixtape, Jai, out now via Slow Dance. The song is the newest collaboration between the Catalonia singer-songwriter and collaborator SALPA, who also features on “Send Me Off.”

But while that track opted for a dreamy guitar over lyrics on “desperate times,” “La Vidente” is an empowering anthem that finds Uma marching to the beat of her own drum.

“La Vidente,” translated to “The Seer” in English, finds Uma embodying that title to the fullest with some of the most optimistic lyrics in her career. From the very first line, she reassures that “You don’t have to be scared of nothing” and that “Nothing has to be scared of you” in the chorus, shouting the line as if a call to action. Relying heavily on rhythmic drums that become louder as the runtime continues, her call to action becomes more monumental, with fluttering synths populating the background.

Though simple on paper, the song still sounds lively and almost alive, moving at a pace to which Uma and SALPA match, even at the quieter moments. Uma, in particular, takes on a hushed way of singing, contrasting the rallying chorus that closes out Jai on a momentous note compared to the relaxed opener “Crocodile.”

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Unlike the other seven tracks off Jai, “La Vidente” was the only song not previously released as a single by Uma. It’s safe to say she was saving the best for last, reaching a new height all while sounding astounding in quality. Albeit, her debut Spanish track “Cicadas” was quite the enticing number with its sparse atmospherics and electro-folk feels.

And with a few more tour dates in the UK, “La Vidente” and Jai make a compelling case for why people need to experience Uma live.

Words: David Sosa

“La Vidente” from the mixtape Jai by Uma is out on all streaming services. For more on new music and tour dates, follow Uma on Instagram, Bandcamp, and her website.