In an unexpected turn that goes against preconceived notions of who they are, Texas synth-pop quartet Luna Luna has decided to go against expectations with their latest project, L.L. Consisting of lead Kavvi Gonzalez, vocalist/keys Danny Bonilla, drummer Kaylin Martinez, and bassist Ryan Gordon, Luna Luna dropped their new EP fueling anticipation already present after previously unveiling three singles, or one half of the EP, throughout the year.

Luna Luna’s EP L.L., an abbreviated nod to their namesake, is the next evolution in their career thus far, made fitting by the fact that it is perhaps their most adventurous release made with the purpose of getting feet moving.

Unlike the acoustic sound of opener “Candy Duro,” “La Tormenta” comes alive through a dance beat bouncing in glee. The vocals, which move between English and Spanish as if they’re one and the same, sing, “I want to slow down / But with you.” The production disagrees, where the beat keeps the party moving with no signs of ending. Though a departure from the bedroom pop sound they started with, “La Tormenta” is just one in a long line of well-transitioned tracks going into a new direction that doesn’t feel forced or different for the sake of being different.

Even with its title, “lonely lullaby” quickens the pace established on “La Tormenta” and sees the EP at its most fast-paced note. Energized by slick breakbeat production where the vocals coast atop, the house influence is the strongest it’s ever been with Luna Luna. Alongside “Dance With U,” the song is engineered for the ears of live attendees only, easily ranking among the band’s most hype tracks and embodies their wishes for a needed switch up in their discography.

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L.L. takes the band’s favorite genres they grew up listening to and mixes them with an unparalleled enthusiasm for making music, all while stretching their talents into new territory. If it weren’t obvious, it works, with the EP clearly meant to be played loud and out in the open instead of the four corners of a bedroom. And for a band who, after six years, couldn’t be more closely knit, their music keeps getting closer to a self-assured level of confidence, made remarkable by how fresh they still sound.

Words: David Sosa

L.L. by Luna Luna is out on all streaming services. The band is currently on tour with an upcoming Southern California date on Oct. 12 in San Diego. See the full list of tour dates below.

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Luna Luna US Tour

SEP 22 FRI – Martian Arts Festival 2023 @ 7:00pm – Maxwell, TX, United States
SEP 28 THU – Denver, CO, United States
SEP 29 FRI – Salt Lake City, UT, United States
SEP 30 SAT – Boise, ID, United States
OCT 1 SUN – Seattle, WA, United States
OCT 2 MON – Portland, OR, United States
OCT 4 WED – Sacramento, CA, United States
OCT 5 THU – San Francisco, CA, United States
OCT 6 FRI – Santa Barbara, CA, United States
OCT 8 SUN – Los Angeles, CA, United States
OCT 11 WED – Santa Ana, CA, United States
OCT 12 THU – San Diego, CA, United States
OCT 13 FRI – Tucson, AZ, United States
OCT 14 SAT – Phoenix, AZ, United States
OCT 15 SUN – El Paso, TX, United States
OCT 18 WED – Houston, TX, United States
OCT 19 THU – Dallas, TX, United States
OCT 20 FRI – Mcallen, TX, United States
OCT 21 SAT – San Antonio, TX, United States
OCT 22 SUN – Austin, TX, United States
NOV 4 SAT – Oklahoma City, OK, United States
NOV 5 SUN – Tulsa, OK, United States
NOV 7 TUE – Chicago, IL, United States
NOV 8 WED – Lakewood, OH, United States
NOV 9 THU – Detroit, MI, United States
NOV 11 SAT – Brooklyn, NY, United States
NOV 12 SUN – Philadelphia, PA, United States
NOV 15 WED – Washington, DC, United States
NOV 17 FRI – Charlotte, NC, United States
NOV 18 SAT – Atlanta, GA, United States
NOV 19 SUN – Nashville, TN, United States