Torii Wolf continues to make 2023 their most prolific year in recent memory with the release of yet another single, sharing the dually energizing and heartwarming “Be My Anchor.” The new song is one of many they’ve shared since releasing their Big Reveal EP and Below the Mouth LP — two simmering and transfixing collections of indie pop. You’ll also have a chance to catch Wolf in concert at the Wonzimer Gallery in Los Angeles on November 5th where they’ll perform a set of original songs and covers accompanied by a cellist and eight soloist dancers.

This year has seen an evolution in the mesmeric music created by Wolf, and their new single “Be My Anchor” maintains that trend. Against the surging ebb of frantic beats, the song propels itself forward toward an earnest acceptance of the solace offered in other people’s love. The track serves as an uplifting reminder of the important role that relying on loved ones can have in illuminating our darkest moments.

“Getting lost at night / You come like a beacon so bright,” Wolf croons breathily. “You see through the darkness / Of my lonely heart.” As the song continues, it starts to crescendo gradually, its scattered percussion and sonorous tones growing all the more resounding in the process. Until the whole soundscape has become one cavernous tunnel of emotive energy, gleaming brilliantly in tandem with their urgently loving lyricism.

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“Be my anchor,” they chant until the heady rise dissipates. Leaving behind nothing but an airy and crystalline echo of piano keys and Wolf’s own glowing vocals as they fill the spacious void. But then those thrumming rhythms return — spiraling sublimely one final time alongside dreamily intense electronica.

Words: Steven Ward

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Listen to “Be My Anchor” the new single from Torii Wolf below!