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New Bands Added to Coachella Line-up

I have to admit, Saturday is kind of weak set up at Coachella, minus TVOTR, Band of Horses, Turbonegro, Thievery Corp, and a couple others. At least Winehouse left us with the prospect of a ridiculous show with her shameful ways. Needless to say, as the crackhead makes her exit, we get some peeps that […]

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Amy Winehouse Cancells on Coachella!

Looks like Amy Crackhouse couldn’t keep her shit together long enough to play Coachella, what a bloody pisshead. I don’t know whether I’m happy or mad. Happy because I can’t stand her annoying ass and would vomit at the first chord of her “rehab” song, or mad that I won’t be able to witness her […]

Amy Winehouse Cooks it Up

Surprisingly, I’m not talking about crack or heroin either. Apparently this troubled singer, who sings that “rehab” song I absolutely loathe, is now embarking on a new, more juvenile concept: cooking and her childhood are the lyrics for her 3rd album. I heard one of her choruses go: They tried to cook me up some […]

Amy Winehouse Released

Well, apparently the soul singin’ crack head was in the pin for some hours in London. Too bad they didn’t keep her in there. Hopefully she’ll pay attention to her annoying hit song “rehab” and go take care of her “issues.” Yet another musician/band who I absolutely can not stand. She annoys the hell out […]