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Artists Bands To Watch 2023
25 Music Artists and Bands To Watch in 2023

It’s that time of year again where we release our annual forecast of music artists and bands to watch in 2023. One of the many things the pandemic taught us, is that there are so many talented and unique artists out there that the whole world needs to hear. Through our new song submission playlist, […]

Deadletter band press photo
Deadletter Sets Fire to the World With Fervor on Debut EP “Heat!”

Garnering a reputation for rousing and rapturous live shows, UK rock band Deadletter erupts their career with debut EP Heat! Originating in Yorkshire by core members George Ullyott on bass, Alfie Husband on drums, and Zac Lawrence fronting, their music is equally ravishing and politically charged. Their most distinctive trait is how unabashedly self-aware they […]

David Sosa |
Beyond LA: Deadletter embraces life as a “Binge” on rowdy new single/video

If South-London Deadletter are not yet on your radar they’re about to be with their new single/video for “Binge,” a blisteringly rapt and criminally funky guitar-led jam. On it the group take aim at the incessant needs and desires that drive people — peeling back all the ways in which we try to differentiate ourselves […]