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If South-London Deadletter are not yet on your radar they’re about to be with their new single/video for “Binge,” a blisteringly rapt and criminally funky guitar-led jam. On it the group take aim at the incessant needs and desires that drive people — peeling back all the ways in which we try to differentiate ourselves and mask the rather simple fact that we’re all driven by the same impulses. But instead of slipping into apathy or nihilism, the song’s jaunty and muscle-spasming rhythms keep your heart thumping and feet kicking.


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“Human nature is a looking glass, and look we shall, avid spectators,” Zac Lawrence slyly observes between catalogings of all the material and immaterial things people chase. And all the frantic energy that emanates from that rat-race struts fantastically out of “Binge.” Amidst the clamor of cowbells, dizzying riffs, a saxophone crescendo, and manic vocals Deadletter paint a breathless portrait of human nature.

The music video for “Binge,” directed by Tegen Williams, captures all the stark mania of Deadletter. Known for their deliciously rowdy live shows, the video offers a bit of sandbox for the band to just cut loose in. As Lawrence howls along to the buoyant melody, he and the rest of the band get a little messy with a can of paint and a large canvas — spalltering paint all over themselves and running through greyscale fields.

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“Hearing the word ‘binge,’ we may initially be drawn to a very specific image or thought of a person or a habit, however when we take a closer look at society it can be realised that bingeing is inherent within our behaviour as human beings. Whether it be something as mundane as collecting stamps, or devotion of your existence to a deity, we are all bingers through and through and, ultimately, life is one long binge.”

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Words by Steven Ward

Watch the music video for Deadletter’s new single “Binge” below!

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