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Blondie at Santa Barbara Bowl -- Photo by Steven Ward for GrimyGoods.com
One way or another, Blondie rocks on at Santa Barbara Bowl

There’s always a measured air of uncertainty whenever you go see a band or artist that’s been active for over four decades–and just so you don’t think this is an example of ageism by another millennial, this point was driven home to me by a middle-aged woman I met at a festival who went into […]

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female fashion icons in music
Top 5 Female Fashion Icons in Music

This is not going to contain meat dresses or self-proclaimed “fierce” “divas,” not only because those chicks are clattered down with 72 stylists to just take a stroll in the park, but also because who cares? Talk about well-worn territory. 2013 style is not only generally pretty boring, but simultaneously gratuitously self-congratulatory. It’s my professional […]

Girl Skateboards Pays Tribute to Iconic Female Rockers

Now these are the hottest decks I’ve seen around. Girl Skateboards has come through with some pretty rockin’ decks, ironically enough, they’re of “girl” skateboards. To be more precise, the line titled “Girls Girls Girls” pays tribute to iconic female rockers! From Patti Smith to Joan Jett, you’ll see some pretty rad images of these […]