Girl Skateboards Pays Tribute to Iconic Female Rockers

Now these are the hottest decks I’ve seen around. Girl Skateboards has come through with some pretty rockin’ decks, ironically enough, they’re of “girl” skateboards. To be more precise, the line titled “Girls Girls Girls” pays tribute to iconic female rockers! From Patti Smith to Joan Jett, you’ll see some pretty rad images of these ladies emblazoned on these boards. Check out below who each pro skater picked out as their leading lady of rock!

(From left-to-right of the image above)

  • Stevie Nicks: Brian Anderson
  • Joan Jett: Mikemo Capaldi
  • Grace Slick: Eric Koston
  • Patti Smith: Shawn Malto
  • Chrissie Hynde: Guy Mariano
  • Debbie Harry: Alex Olson

Grind carefully, you may pop a boner …

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